FAQ & Returns

WTF is feminism?
Feminism is the belief that women and men should be treated like equals in every sense of the word. If you agree with that statement, you're a feminist. If you're still confused, read this.

Aren't women already equal?
We'll let our friends at Teen Vogue handle this one.

Why do you hate men tho?
We don't. Next question.

Who do you donate to?
We donate to a variety of organizations that uphold and build upon the Women's March Unity Principles. You can read more about all of them here

Why don't you donate 100% of proceeds?
While 80% of proceeds for each item isn't donated to another organization, it does help invest in Girl Power Supply's future. And that's not to say it just "helps us sell more shirts" — we are constantly working on transforming GPS into something bigger that empowers women and helps put women in power. Also, we haven't broken even just yet — right now you're just helping us get back to zero so we can dive into the next leg of this journey.

Do you have more detailed sizing info?
Each of our items is printed on a distinct garment, so rather than compile a size chart for you, we've included the brand of the shirt it's printed on. That way you can Google it and get other people's opinions, because that's always more effective than measurements anyway.

When will my order ship?
Your item should ship within 1-2 weeks. We apologize that this is not immediate, but for the time being, many of our items (including screen printing, jewelry, embroidery, and more) are made to order. If it doesn't ship within this time frame, we're doubly sorry — this is a new business and we're still learning the ropes. We want to get better, so if you have any issues please email us and complain.

I only got part of my order. You guys okay?
Ah, yes — we just use a made-to-order company for all screen-printed items, and some of our items are sent directly from the artists. Your order may arrive in partial shipments, but we promise everything will get to you soon!

Do you do express shipping?
On some items, yes. Check the individual product page to see if an item is ineligible for express shipping. 

Do you ship internationally?
We do, but you may be subject to higher shipping costs. In any case, thanks for supporting a better America! We appreciate you. 

I changed my mind — how do returns work?
We accept returns up to 14 days after the item was received, but you'll be responsible for return shipping costs (sorry, bb — we're a small biz). To make a return, submit a contact form, select "Returns" from the dropdown, and specify your order number. Sale items are final sale.

You sent me stickers! Can I keep them? 
They're our gift to you. Thank you for being part of the resistance.