About US

Girl Power Supply is a feminist shop + social platform grounded in politics, intersectionality, and dank memes.

What started as an Instagram created in post-election rage has evolved into a destination dedicated to helping women stay outraged. We believe that conversation is a weapon — when women talk openly about women's issues, we can move faster and break more shit.

If self-identifying women of all colors and creeds stand together, the patriarchy doesn't stand a chance.



Jen Winston (@jenerous) is our Founder/CEO. She currently works as an ACD at Edelman, where she helps brands do the right thing. Before that, she worked at BuzzFeed and wrote for websites like The Hairpin, Marie Claire, and McSweeney's Internet Tendency. For better or for worse, memes are in her blood.

Leah Schmidt (@leahschm) is our Chief Creative Officer/design guru. She is currently a web designer at Big Human and also does illustration for brands like Teen Vogue and Conde Nast. She also worked on 12 Kinds of Kindness with Tim Goodman and Jessica Walsh. When she's not making stuff, she's discovering new pho places or petting/watering her plants. Speaking of powerful women (which we are, always), her mother owns her own architecture business (v inspire).