GPS Book Club: Month #1

Yesterday we celebrated, and yes, it was lit fam. But today is day two of Donald Trump's presidency. That means we have work to do.

Work means loving our neighbors without judgement. It means helping educate our local swing districts. It means shouting our abortions, telling our stories so that others can learn why someone might make a certain decision, or feel less alone, or both. And it means recognizing that women and people of color shouldn't have to be diversity sherpas — those not in marginalized groups have to take it upon themselves to stay woke. 

Fortunately the Girl Power Supply Book Club is here to help! Every month we'll be reading something that is political, eye opening, and, most importantly, good af. Join us — you'll learn about government, history, and how to affect change, as well as gain diverse perspectives to help you educate your relatives. And it gets better: Throughout the month, we'll also be doing insta, blog, and shop content that speaks to themes from the book. That means even more (optional) reading for you! Yay!

So what are we reading this month? Glad you asked:

Consider yourselves #blessed, because My Life On The Road is life-changing (and that's not an exaggeration). It's the kind of book that will catalyze you, inspiring the good kind of anger — the kind that gave us so much energy just yesterday. The book is so good that you might wind up going into organizing, or becoming the kind of person who writes Facebook rants, or, in my case, interrupting your boyfriend while he's immersed in Ready Player One to be like, "Okay I know you're busy but let me tell you this story about Gloria Steinem's third trip to Colorado..."

The book is a memoir by Gloria Steinem, a legendary pioneer of the women's movement. It's an account of her experiences speaking and talking to people across the country, and DAMN does she have experiences. Some of her stories made me gasp. Others made me laugh. The best ones made me cry. 

Danielle's empowering inscription. 

Danielle's empowering inscription. 

I got my copy as a birthday gift from my bad ass friend Danielle (see her handwriting above). Though I thought I was moderately well read on the topic, this book has given me tons of new perspective on the feminist movement — where it came from, how gender interplays with race, the power of speak outs/consciousness raising, and more.

Pick up a copy and get down to it, then look out for more content to come! And if you're in NYC, join us for an IRL discussion on Wednesday, February 22 — RSVP here.